What is the Akwati Style Experience?

image3Fashion Forward for All

Akwati Style focuses on unique and fashion forward designs for all body shapes and sizes.  Our products are comfortable, stylish, colorful, and long-lasting.  Our products are perfect for everyday or special occasions.

Why can’t I select a clothing size for many Akwati Style products?

imageMade to Measure

Akwati Style custom products are made to fit your unique style and measurements.  You will be able to select a variety of options for each product, such as length, waist style, and other fitting adjustments.  As you place an order, you will need to provide measurements so we can ensure that Akwati Style products provide you with the best possible fit.

I wanted to order an item, and the textile I wanted is gone!  What happened?

image2Globally Sourced Textiles

Akwati Style loves textiles!  While conscious of fashion, textile, and color trends, we curate textiles in limited quantities by design.  Our personally curated fabrics are from global sources. As such, we only stock enough for 1 or 2 products per textile selection.  If you see a particular pattern that you love, we suggest that you order before the textile is no longer in our inventory.  We also recommend that you follow us on social media and subscribe to us, as we give sneak peeks of our textiles often.

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What is the processing time for my Akwati Style Clothing order?

Akwati Style clothing items are hand crafted with high quality standards.  As such, please expect a 2-3 week turnaround from receipt of payment, receipt of required measurements, and fabric selection.  You will be able to provide measurements during checkout.  These measurements may be saved in My Account.  You will also have the opportunity to bypass measurements in order to place the order and secure your textile.

If you decide to bypass the measurement sheet, you will be required to update your measurements in My Account before your product is stitched/shipped.  If you cannot recall which measurements are required per products ordered, refer to the product in the Akwati Style Shop.  Please include name and order number in the subject line.

Rush orders require a 50% additional charge of the price of the product. Rush orders are shipped within 14 calendar days.

What is the processing time for Akwati Style Accessories?

Akwati Style accessories are shipped within 3-5 business days from receipt of payment.  If you order accessories with a stitched/made to measure clothing order, your order will ship together after the standard clothing processing time of 3-4 weeks.

What is your return policy?

Refunds or exchanges are unfortunately not accepted under any condition for Akwati Style clothing and accessories. We are not responsible for incorrect measurements or shipping delays from USPS and unfortunately will not be able to honor an exchange or refund.

What is your measurement policy?

The measurements sent by the client at the time of the order will be used to construct the garment. Akwati Style, LLC recommends that customers obtain measurements from a professional tailor. While care is taken to verify consistency of measurements, Akwati Style, LLC assumes no liability for inaccurate or incorrect measurements provided by the client.  Should you decide to take your own measurements, we have provided some guidance on how to take those measurements in My Account.

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