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Welcome to Akwati Style

Akwati Style provides unique and fashion forward made to measure clothing and accessories for the fashionable, colorful, bold, and confident woman.  

Akwati Style provides clothing and accessories customized to your unique style.  From made to measure clothing, to personalized statement tees, to beaded necklaces and waistbeads, each product is skillfully made to adorn your body.  Each textile used in the development of our clothing is personally curated by the Akwati Style team through global sourcing arrangements.  The clothing is made to measure, which means that each item is made to fit your measurements from fabrics you select!  Check out our Swatch Book to see the available textiles.  Your items are made by members of the Akwati Style team, and are designed by Akwati Style Chief Curator, Angel.  Akwati Style Accessories are handmade and/or sourced from artisan women-owned businesses in countries across the world.

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